Photo Credit Marina Cacciapuoti
Photo Credit Marina Cacciapuoti

Author of #ThisIsHowWeLive,  Maddalena Alecce is a writer, editor and marketing communications enthusiast.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy she moved to the United States in 2010.

While in college, she launched her editorial web-column, Foreigner In The City, which chronicled her adventures in New York City as an international student. Maddalena’s column served as a guide for international students as it included numerous tips on how to become integrated in America.

Her writing journey eventually progressed into fiction and non-fiction writing where she explores day-to-day life struggles of twentysomethings when it comes to love, career and power.

Her debut non-fiction novel, #ThisIsHowWeLive, is a unique collection of essays exposing how Generation Y lives, feels and creates, featuring provoking quotes from twentysomethings. Released in November 2015, it is currently available on Amazon USA & Amazon EU. Order your copy here. 

Currently, she is writer and curator of 365 Days Of, an all-new writing series featuring non-fiction entries, accompanied by a photograph, inspired by feelings and thoughts of men and women in 365 days.

Maddalena graduated from the State University of New York, Fashion Institute of Technology, with a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications and a minor in English Writing and resides in New York City.