Foreigner In The City: Introduction To Column

This post appeared on W27 Newspaper website in January 2013.

Welcome back to campus fellow FIT students and Happy 2013 from the W27team! As a new semester commences and we are all running around trying to sign up for last minute classes and standing in line at Barnes & Noble for our much needed books, we at W27 have decided  to dedicate some time to international students. What better way to do that than to start a column where a foreigner like me can share her experience (and embarrassing moments for sure!) as a newcomer in the Big Apple?

Now, let’s face it: moving in and of itself can be a stressful experience, moving to a new country and a city like New York, however, can be even more overwhelming yet at the same time incredibly exciting! We’ve all been there. We got our acceptance letters in March or April through FedEx and started planning our new lives, all the while unsure of what we could expect from a magical city like New York. We did our paperwork for our visa, went to our consulate/embassy, planned our living arrangements, signed up for classes and scheduled flights. It wasn’t until the end of August though, the moment when we finally landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport that we realized we had finally arrived to our destination. That is when we started to wonder, or at least I did, what challenges this new country would bring to foreigners like us.

I moved to the United States three years ago from Milan, Italy. I was not expecting a culture shock since I went to an American school in Italy my entire life. However, you’d be surprised at the amount of anecdotes I gathered in three years living here.

Foreigner in the City will be an account of the many many things I went through as an international student (IS) in the United States. We hope it serves as a guide, as well as a source of entertainment, to those of you out there who might be going through what I went through these past three years.
Foreigner in the City is a new web column. Check out Maddalena’s posts every other Thursday and follow her on Twitter @MaddalenaAlecce.

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