Glamour Without A Lot of Fuss

This article appeared on print in the December 2012 issue of W27 Newspaper. To view original clip visit 

Glamour Without a Lot of Fuss

W27 attended the photo-shoot of rising fashion designer Sarah Carson Cloud organized by the recently launched online publication HerHattan NYC.

Sarah Carson Cloud, designer and founder of her brand, Leota New York, is one of those lucky designers who was featured in the online publication HerHattan NYC, founded by Stephanie Piazza. The photo-shoot, called “Retro Glamour from Wall St. to Fashion Ave.” took place in Midtown Manhattan at Agent RED International.

Launched eleven months ago, HerHattan NYC dedicates its time and effort to New York’s rising fashion designers, helping them create a brand for themselves and promoting their designs in the fashion industry. HerHattan’s most recent initiative is their search for four It-Girl Bloggers in Manhattan, granting them a chance to promote their business and build their career on the new platform. The publication features seven different sections: Designer Features, Take it from Her, The Herhattan Girls, Out & About, HerHattan Concierge and lastly, two sections dedicated to online shopping called HerHattan Avenue and The HerHattan Closet.

“Women are so powerful and there are so many in this city. New York is the most challenging city to start a new business. We create a platform where female designers can share their stories and talent,” said Editor-In-Chief, Stephanie Piazza.

Piazza explained how the publication features two designers every month, holding  customized photo-shoots for each designer. “We do not use models. Instead, we like to shoot the designers themselves wearing their creations. We always try to shoot them in a space that represents their personality,” said Piazza.

In Cloud’s case, the space was her “imaginary” dream office. The set included some of Cloud’s designs hanging behind her white desk occupied by a variety of fabrics. Cloud, sitting behind the desk, appears to be busy sketching new designs, all the while sipping a cup of coffee.

The theme of Cloud’s collection is, as she herself describes it, “glamour without a lot of fuss.” All her garments, mostly dresses, feature bright lively colors, different patterns including polka dots, geometric shapes and lines, and have a rather form-fitting silhouette.

Cloud’s background is an interesting one. After working for eight years on Wall Street  she decided to leave her job and dedicate herself completely to her brand, Leota New York. “There’s no better training for the fashion industry than Wall Street,” she said. Cloud has always sketched as a hobby until one day she decided to start a new business. Leota is named after her great-grandmother who believed in always dressing better than you have to. “My great-grandmother taught me my motto: good manners and effortless glamour never go out of style,” said Cloud, who also manages her business keeping these values in mind.

“Sarah’s thing is retro glamour,” said Piazza, “When I met her four years ago I put her on my designer list and this is why she is here today doing her photo-shoot for HerHattan.” Piazza, in fact, started her list of designers long before she founded HerHattan. While holding the position of fashion editor at another publication, she met many talented designers whom she knew she could help some day. Years later, she used that same list to find designers to feature on the website.

As the photo-shoot came to an end, Piazza took some time to give helpful advice to prospective designers. “If you’re trying to break in the industry you need to understand it is a competitive game. It is very important to build your name and your reputation. Never give up and most of all never get tired of trying. Talent will always bring everything together, ” said Piazza.

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