About: 365 Days Of

Coming Soon // February 2016

Not quite a web-column. Not quite a blog. Not quite a photo-gallery.

365 Days Of is a hybrid of all of the above.

A spin-off of the non-fiction novel #ThisIsHowWeLive, this mini writing series will feature short non-fiction entries, accompanied by a photograph, to share bits and pieces of feelings and thoughts.

Julio, from Astoria, Queens was one of the #ThisisHowWeLive readers who reached out to us and inspired this new writing project.

He wrote:

I enjoyed #ThisIsHowWeLive but I wish I could read more about the individuals you spoke to. Who are they 365 days a year, what happens to them and is it the same kinda stuff that happens to me?” (Julio)

365 Days Of is not so much about a generation as much as it is about people and their behaviors, however good or bad. It includes a lot of material we weren’t able to incorporate in #ThisIsHowWeLive; material that for one reason or the other, didn’t apply to a book about a generation but that is equally valuable and relatable.

Every entry is inspired by the people you sit next to on the train Monday through Friday; the people you share an elevator ride with every day; the people who stand in line behind you at the supermarket. It’s about someone I cross paths with and observe, talk to and related with.

It’s about me and you and everyone else we see on a daily basis but know nothing about.

What happens to them — to all of us — in the short but eventful 365 days of one year?

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