Of Running

365 Days of Running

It’s easy to run and it’s harder to stay.

But in defense of the runner, it’s easier to stay when you have a destination, when you know where you’re going. You don’t mind staying then, because you already know where you’re headed to. There’s no rush and you can afford to take it easy, to enjoy the moment. 

But, if like the runner, you have no idea where you’re coming from, nevermind where you’re going, how could you ever stay?

You’d get anxy every time you try to, uncomfortable even. You too, would be in a rush to go, to run somewhere.

Staying would be terrifying and you’d keep moving, like the runner usually does, leaving it all behind.

But if you’re the one who stays you are well advised to stir away from runners. Though the runner means no harm, don’t fool yourself. They will knock everything over on their way to nowhere.

Inspired by Adam, 30. 

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