Of Selective Memory

365 Days of Selective Memory
You quickly master the art of selective memory and don’t remember much about any of it.

You vaguely remember milestones, the big things. Like your first night there or what you did for your birthday. But you forget all about the little things. Like the taste of burnt coffee on Sunday morning or the creaking sound the door used to make every time you opened it.

You do it because the devil is in the details and it’s never the big things that trigger specific memories anyway. While the big things get lost in emotion, little things thrive in them.

People dont get how you could possibly forget such a life changing experience. You’re a survivor, they tell you, that was a big chapter in your life, they say.

It’s like when you can’t remember an address but you remember how to get there, you tell them.

Inspired by Lucas, 28, on his sixth month in remission. 

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