Of Bodies


365 Days of Bodies

You end up spending that year sharing your bed with countless bodies. Some of them are memorable and some of them are not. But for the most part, the sex is almost never good.

You never seem to find the right balance and you always blame it on the other party, the other body. You claim they get too attached; they’re not hot enough; they don’t have the spark.

You begin to question the hype around sex altogether. At this point, you really start to think the hassle isn’t worth it. You gotta meet the body, you gotta flirt with it a little, you gotta make it think you’re better than what you actually are, you gotta woo it and after it finally puts out you gotta figure out a way to get rid of it too.

It’s a lot of work in exchange for an orgasm and you’re growing tired of it.

So you decide to see a therapist about it but they ask too many questions and you have no answers so you quit faster than you started.

By the time December comes around again, a girl asks you about your 365 days and you tell her all about the bodies you’ve shared intimate moments with.

You catch yourself not remembering any of their names. But you tell her about the spark, the one you can’t seem to find.

As you confide in a stranger you start to think you’re the real problem, the one who is missing a spark.

You buy a one-way ticket to the islands and make a list of New Year Resolutions on your way there.

You email the girl to let her know that your next 365 days, you will do better, much better.

Inspired by Jordan, 26.

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