Of Building

Of Building

We get to a point where we stop asking what if and start thinking, what now?

We reach a nirvana state of mind. Like a level of acceptance not to be confused with surrender.

We pick up the bricks, start working on the cement and build from scratch. We accept things for how they are and start looking for the next big thing to focus on.

One brick after the other and just like that, days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and that one thing that used to consume our body and mind turns into a void of absolute irrelevance. 

We are resilient, us humans. Even the weaker ones. We all find grace in fixing what we broke and finding what we lost. And we make no apologies for how we choose to make amends for letting ourselves down. 

But we are also masochist, us humans. Even the stronger ones. We sometimes like to go back to the places where we broke something; where we lost something. We like to barge in, head high, in the aftermath of the storm.

When the time is right, we go claim our title as a survivor. 

So just imagine the surprise, when, years later, we visit the place only to find out there’s no prize, no title to claim. 

Instead, we’re faced with the unsettling reality that, for some, time has stopped and nothing has changed. That while we were stacking bricks, building a skyscraper and getting better, faster, stronger some stayed exactly where we left them. 

Inspired by April.

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